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Carnival End-of-Season Ice Show Information


Saturday, March 30, 2018  One show  ?pm

Full dress rehearsal will be previous evening, Friday March 31 @ 5pm

Our annual end-of-season skating show proves to be the highlight of the year for both skaters and family. New information for the 2019 Ice Show is below.

Cost for participating this year is $30. $10 for each additional event/skating day for those who skate more than once/week. (excluding the PA number).
This includes costume, 2 weeks of practice on the ice with a coach, dress rehearsal, and 1 shows.

The Carnival this year is on Saturday March 30, 2019 and we will be having one show at ? p.m.  Our Carnival Committee and coaches are already working hard at organizing, to ensure that this year's event is the best one ever. This letter is a reminder to our returning members and an explanation for those of you who are going to be involved this year for the first time.  

Acton Skating Club prides itself on being one of the only small skating clubs, who still puts on an annual ice show. This is truly the highlight of the skater’s year. It is an opportunity for all of our skaters from PreCan to the StarSkate to show what they can do. This event takes a lot of planning, organization and VOLUNTEERS, to make it successful.

EVERY parent is required to volunteer in some way.  

If you are a PreCan Skate, Canskate or Junior parent, you will be assigned to dressing room duty. You may fill out your preference of which show you would like to work. If you do not fill out a “preferred time”, one will be assigned to you. Every effort will be made to place you in the time slot requested, however we may have to make some adjustments depending on numbers.   YOU WILL STILL BE ABLE TO SEE YOUR CHILD’S PERFORMANCE.

If you are a StarSkate parent, you may review the list below and sign up for one job. If you do not sign up, a job will be assigned to you. Please indicate your preferred time slot.   YOU WILL STILL BE ABLE TO SEE YOUR CHILD’S PERFORMANCE.

Volunteers are required!

Volunteers are essential to a successful carnival. If you do not think you will be able to volunteer on the weekend itself there are several jobs that need to be done before hand.  

Costume Sewing: Items will be distributed for easy sewing tasks such as sewing sequins or ribbon on several of the same top or bottom. If you are a more advanced sewer, please indicate that on your form and you may be given items, which need to be taken in or out or need to be hemmed. This job would begin right away, as all costumes will be handed out the first week of Carnival practice.  

Costume Handout: Volunteers are needed to help distribute costumes to all skaters. Tables will be set up in the dressing rooms on each night of skating. The costumes will be together with all accompanying hair pieces. Fittings may be required to ensure that each child gets a size that they can wear. We will need approximately 4 to 6 volunteers on each night of skating.

Costume Hand In: A table is set up at the first intermission of the evening’s performance.

Dress Rehearsal & Carnival Day Ticket Sales and Door People: This job is primarily done by Starskate parents as the need for several dress room attendants at this age is not as prevalent. This job is the day of Carnival and requires the volunteer to be at the arena early for set up. Once the doors open ticket will be torn in half. We will need 2 people for this job on the night of dress rehearsal and 3 per half of each show.

Program Sales: A table will be set up near the staircase for flowers and program sales. We will need 2 people for this table for each show.

Construction of Props (if applicable): A committee will be organized for the making of or painting of Props, which will be used on the ice during the show. Some volunteers may be need during the show to help move items if the need arises.

Dressing Room Attendants: This is one of the most important jobs and one of the ones we need the most volunteers for. The dressing room volunteers are required to be in the room for the skaters during the show. You will be required to help with skates, costumes, bathroom trips (no child is to leave the room unattended), etc. You will also be required to have the groups ready to go when the ice captain comes to get them for their number. Two volunteers will accompany the ice captain, one leading the group and one at the back to ensure everyone makes it to their destination. These two will then meet the group at their exit point from the ice to escort them back to their dressing room. These two will also help with the removal of skate guards and the retrieval of them once the skaters leave the ice. This job requires you to be in the room for one half of the show. We need several people per room per half of the show and dress rehearsal night. We will have a minimum of 5 volunteers per room, per half. No groups will be left in a dressing room unattended.   For the safety of all of our skaters only the parents signed up to be in the dressing rooms will be allowed in.  

Carnival Set up: this job is done during the day (Friday, March 31) of dress rehearsal. It involves helping to set up props, curtains, spot lights etc.  

Carnival Cleanup: this job is done directly after the evening show (Saturday, April 1). It involves taking all of the props, curtains, etc. down and a general cleanup of the ice.

Picture Day Volunteer: A professional photographer will take group and individual photos. We will need helpers on this evening to help organize the groups for pictures. Photo Day is scheduled for Wednesday, March 22nd.

Costume put away: this job works with those at the costume hand-in table. The costumes must be counted, folded and put back into the appropriate bins. These bins will then be neatly placed back in the Acton Skating Club room. Volunteers would need to start at the intermission of the evening show on Saturday night and stay until everything is counted and put away.

Each of these jobs must be filled with volunteers to enable us to put on a quality show. Your help and co-operation is greatly appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does my child have to participate in Carnival?

No, your child’s participation is up to you. If you are not participating, your regular season for skating will end the week of March 6, 2017.  

  • Why must I buy a ticket for my child if they are skating?

If your child is skating and does not want to stay and watch the rest of the show, no ticket purchase is required; however it is required, by law, that we not go over the maximum capacity in the building. This count is done by ticket sales. For example: If your child is in the first half of the show and would like to sit with you to watch the second half, a ticket must be purchased for that seat. As we have a great number of skaters in our club, if every child was allowed to come out without purchasing a ticket, it would not be long before we would be in breach of fire code and maximum capacity for the stands.    

  • What is my ticket money paying for?

It is extremely expensive to put on a year-end show. The ice cost alone is staggering. We must rent out the arena for the entire day on both Friday and Saturday for the set up and both shows. Your registration fees and your participation in our fundraising events help pay for a portion of this ice time but do not cover all of the other costs. Expenses such as lighting, costumes, props, paint, music, program printing, advertising and publication of information such as this letter, these costs all add up very quickly.  

  • What happens if we only want our child to participate in one show?

We strongly encourage all of the children who sign up, to participate in both shows. If you know you cannot make it for both shows, please do not sign your child up.   The coaches carefully choreograph each number according to how many skaters they have. The children come to rely on knowing who they follow or who they have on their right side or left. If this person suddenly is not there it can cause confusion on the ice and can be quite upsetting for a small skater.

  • Why can I not send a snack or drink into the dressing room with my child?

The only drink, which will be allowed in the dressing rooms, will be water bottles. (Preferably those with a sports lid, to avoid spills.) ABSOLUTELY no food can be brought into the rooms for several reasons:  

1. Food or drinks spilled on the floor may cause a sticky floor. If a skater in skates were to walk through this and get something stuck to their blade it can cause a safety issue when that skater takes the ice.

2. The costumes worn by the skaters belong to the club and are often reused year to year. No one wants to wear a costume that has stains on it and it is very expensive to replace damaged costumes.

3. Food allergies- this is the most important reason for having NO food in the dressing rooms. We want each and every skater to be in a safe environment while waiting to do their number in the show. We have several members of the club with various food allergies and want to ensure that they have a worry- free time in the dressing rooms.

  • Can I miss a Carnival practice and still be in it?

We strongly suggest that no one miss a practice however, we understand that sometimes you must miss. Every skater must participate in no less than 3 out of 4 of the practice times and must attend dress rehearsal or they cannot be in the Carnival. It is very important for all of the children in the numbers to know exactly what they are doing and who to follow while on the ice. If you miss more than one of the practice times it is too confusing for everyone involved. This rule must be adhered too and will be enforced.

Each of these jobs must be filled with volunteers to enable us to put on a quality show. Your help and co-operation is greatly appreciated

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